It all began when PEF’s founder was studying at the University of Westminster, London, for a master’s degree in business administration. Economics was interesting but academically boring because it became quickly redundant and did not reflect reality. The economic crisis was the best example of its failure. Who caused this crisis? A class of greedy bankers and hedge fund managers, the majority of whom hold the MBA degree. Our founder has a different idea. He did and does not want to do anything with this class of elitism and complicitism because he is a social entrepreneur first and last. Moreover, the economic equilibrium did not make sense and was not synchronized with an environmental equilibrium.

But among all the mayhem comes something enchanting and heartwarming, many friends, who signed in different languages, often coming from countries far away, in which the founder discovered common grounds for shared values and similar philosophies about many subjects, including the negative impact of globalization on their lives in independent and fully vibrant and culturally sophisticated countries. He was touched and moved when his classmates presented him with a birthday card that reflected their diversity and cultures and the many languages they spoke.

This website is dedicated to all of them as well as the others, all of whom were catalysts to launch this website. They became members of, or are about to join, our organization for developing the world and making it a better place in which to live and promise to eradicate inequality and poverty through tangible and progressive solutions that create jobs and opportunities. Languages are the essence of communication. Diversity is the face of humanity and mankind. We are all equal. No one is superior; no one is inferior. We are brothers and sisters of the one human race.

We undertake to team up with other NGOs worldwide and take the oath to respect the charter of the United Nations and uphold human rights and values anywhere in the world with honor and dignity. We are the sons and daughters of Mother Earth, and that’s a bond that will bind us always.