Would you like to read about the news or would you like to MAKE the news?

So far we have written several articles in spite of the young age of our organization. We prefer to make it a world business affair, and for this reason we are inviting all talents to volunteer and contribute to all categories and all capacities. With a big project on the horizon, we are looking for writing talents/ volunteer journalists for a long awaited magazine online that will be capable of serving worldwide communities and Green Economy audiences. Volunteers are welcome to send a short description by email under the subject: Volunteering.

Are you ready to volunteer for PEF?

If you are interested, please send the following:

Full name and email address, geographic location (country/ region/ state/ province), education (any degree or certificate), expertise (areas of interest), and leadership experience or skills. As a volunteer, you may consider becoming a member if you fully support our core values and mission. Volunteers must be committed, ethical, motivated, and communicate with the utmost human skills to be the best PR ambassadors for PEF.

Current Needs:

1) Effective Social Media Campaigners and Strategists.

2) Graphic Designers, Futuristic Illustrators for Vehicles and the Built Environment, Experts in Renewable Energies and Electric Transportation.

3) Scientists, Converted Economists, and Environmentalists interested in challenging their limits and boundaries.

If you request a speaker on any of the above topics, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@pefoundation.org